2 06, 2015

What Separates a Qualified Land Surveyor from an Exceptional Land Surveyor?

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Exceptional Land SurveyorWe’ve compiled a list of the eight attributes that we believe separate the standard from the cream of the crop.

First, as in most professions, is experience. You never know what you’re going to come across in land surveying and the more you have seen, along […]

2 06, 2015

How the Land May Be Used and Managed Most Effectively

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Effective Land SurveyThere is a lot of value that a property owner can reap from a parcel of land if he or she has expert knowledge of how the land may be used and managed most effectively. The work completed by LaFave, White & McGivern, L.S., […]

2 06, 2015

Land Survey Services

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Land Survey ServicesWe know that we here at LaFave, White & McGivern are far from the only professional land surveying firm operating in the state of New York. Thankfully, though, we’ve achieved a measure of success over the years, and we want to bring our decades […]

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