Effective Land SurveyThere is a lot of value that a property owner can reap from a parcel of land if he or she has expert knowledge of how the land may be used and managed most effectively. The work completed by LaFave, White & McGivern, L.S., P.C. helps unlock this value for our clients throughout the New England region.

As many real estate owners have noted to their own satisfaction, land prices in certain areas of the country have been rising. This article published by The Democrat News, for example, talks about improvements in the value of cropland in the state of Missouri.

Missouri holds a lot of cropland and land prices are therefore tied closely to the performance of various food and agriculture markets. A slump in the price of corn had many property owners worried about whether the monetary value of their land would follow suit.

Yet, an annual land survey report released by the University of Missouri Extension shows a fairly sizable increase in cropland value of 4.6 percent. According to the above story, this price increase is double what some property market experts had predicted.

Although there are still questions about the value of cropland in the heartland of America, land for cattle pasture is experiencing great gains on the market. The recent university survey also showed that Missouri pastureland increased in value by 7.2 percent over the previous year. This increase again greatly exceeded the forecasted value of land in previous survey reports.

Land value in America is growing and the effective land survey services offered by LaFave, White & McGivern will give you the information you need to proceed with your property investment. From land surveys in New York to aerial mapping services all over the Northeast, we are a premier surveying firm servicing a wide swath of New England.