Land SurveyLand surveying can be useful for a wide variety of reasons, including during a property sale before the title is transferred from one owner to the next. One a survey is complete, a buyer will know just about everything there is to find out about the land around the property, ensuring they’re getting what they are paying for. We’re going to take a look at a few specific benefits of having a land survey performed before a title transfer.

One of the main benefits is being able to clearly define the boundaries of a property. A land surveyor will employ a number of techniques and resources in order to get this done, including going over the property’s legal description and as well as measuring the land itself.

A thorough land survey will also be able to uncover whether or not there any easements on the property. An easement in regards to properties refers to the right certain individuals or companies have to use the land. For example, certain utility companies may be allowed to use portions of the property in order to read a meter or conduct similar work.

These aren’t the only benefits of having a survey performed before a title is transferred. In fact, a property owner won’t even be eligible to sign up for title insurance coverage without having a complete land survey of the area conducted. Whether you are transferring a title or you are purchasing a new property, we can ensure you learn everything there is to know about the land it’s on.