George Washington National ForestSo far, we’ve utilized this blog as a sort of educational resource and portfolio showcase, meaning that we love to educate you on the projects we do and the ins and outs of the industry as a whole, a sort of 101 class that hopefully piques your interest on the excitement and social importance of the surveying industry. What we really haven’t delved into is just how important our industry is when it comes to the future of this country and, really, the future of humanity’s energy resources.

Whatever side you fall on regarding natural gas pipeline drilling in America, know that a surveyor is essential to get the job done cleanly and effectively, which is what you’re currently seeing in the George Washington National Forest, as “a special permit has been issued by the Forest Service to survey nearly 4.5 miles of additional routes for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Highland and Augusta Countries” according to this article from WDBJ7 in Roanoke.

It is an understatement saying that these surveys are important; they’re essential, as these surveys are needed to make informed decisions on whether construction should commence. In time, these surveys will include information on wetlands, water, soil, plants, animals, and more.

A surveyor has a heavy weight on his or her back when it comes to projects like this, but that’s to be expected in such an industry. Know that when construction takes place on any project, a surveyor is on the job ready and willing to make the best and most-informed decision. In many ways, he or she is a superhero!