Exceptional Land SurveyorWe’ve compiled a list of the eight attributes that we believe separate the standard from the cream of the crop.

First, as in most professions, is experience. You never know what you’re going to come across in land surveying and the more you have seen, along with the more surveyors you’ve swapped stories with, the better equipped you are to handle anomalies.

Legal expertise is another must-have. Certification examinations already have high failure rates, so you can be sure that if your land surveyor is licensed, they are familiar with the jargon. But understanding it and being able to wield it to defend your property rights are two different ball games.

Being able to use deduction and prioritization to not only find evidence, but also apply it correctly is another attribute that separates land surveyors. Your surveyor should not only present you with evidence, but also be able to tell you what relevant information is and how it can be applied.

A great land surveyor has a great team and is able to effectively delegate within that team. Not only should they hire competent people, but also they should have a repertoire with their team that promotes reaching a common goal efficiently.

Computer literacy is now important in nearly every sector, but this is especially true in ours. Surveyors should be able to work with CAD software, word processors, data entry systems, and GPS software quite comfortably.

Artistry is not something that is automatically associated with land surveying, but it is probably one of the most underestimated values we hold. Being able to translate scientific findings into laymen’s terms that are useful for clients, is a skill beyond the land surveying standard.

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