Commercial DronesIt’s no surprise to hear that drones being used for commercial use such as with land surveying has largely been restricted or banned, especially in high air traffic areas like major cities. But the more surprising thing might be that the FAA does in fact have control over whether Commercial un-manned drones can be used or not, and the FAA has finally made a verdict on what it is going to take to get some commercial drones into use around the USA.

The FAA has decided that a pilot’s license will help solve the main issues that are worried about when it comes to drones being used. Of course, this is just one of the solutions they are going over currently. For now, anyone who does want to fly an un-manned drone in commercial zones will simply need permission from the FAA, which is a bit harder than a license.

Unfortunately, if the Federal Aviation Administration does decide to run with needing a pilot’s license to operate drones, then we may see some problems in the future. The most obvious is that not everyone will even be able to get the license, because of the knowledge and understanding needed for a pilot’s license. The other problems however all have to do with just what information is required for the license.

There are certain things like knowing how to land a craft in a small air strip that make the need for a pilot’s license not make sense for drone users, but at the same time, it does give some kind of way to control who is flying these devices. It also happens to give direction for many companies that have been wanting to use these drones, especially in the land surveying areas.

After all, needing a pilot’s license to fly a drone, is a lot better than drones just not being allowed for use. We could see some advancements with land surveying before long with drones if these FAA laws come through.