Land Survey ServicesWe know that we here at LaFave, White & McGivern are far from the only professional land surveying firm operating in the state of New York. Thankfully, though, we’ve achieved a measure of success over the years, and we want to bring our decades of expertise to your next land planning project.

Our company has been in business in the land surveying industry since 1946 and our headquarters are still located in Theresa, NY, where the practice was first founded by Aziel LaFave. This constant reminder of our long history keeps us motivated to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

As our land surveying services page will show any of our website visitors, we have the staff, resources and expertise to handle large- and small-scale projects with ease. LaFave, White & McGivern employs a staff of 20 people, including six licensed land surveyors, survey technicians, photogrammetric stereo compilers and a certified photogrammetrist.

A thorough survey of a parcel of land can require a large number of techniques, many of which might be overlooked by more amateur surveyors who don’t bring our level of experience to the job. We can complete a wide array of surveys, including topographic surveys, utility surveys, photogrammetric control surveys, GPS geodetic control surveys as well as boundary surveys. Other special services that we offer include computer-aided drafting, aerial photography and analytical aerial triangulation.

There are times when the services of a professional land surveyor will become crucial to a business or an organization. When those times come, you’ll be happy that you trusted the expertise of LaFave, White & McGivern, L.S., P.C. We serve all of New York State and can even offer our help with projects in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. We look forward to discussing your upcoming project with you and we promise to offer a reasonable and fair rate for our work.