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New York Photogrammetry Surveying & Digital Mapping

LaFave, White & McGivern, L.S., P.C. is a professional corporation dedicated to providing high quality professional services in surveying and photogrammetry.

The firm began it’s long history in 1946 and is now a twenty-seven member firm involved in all facets of photogrammetry providing quality digital base mapping for Geographic Information System Land Bases. LaFave, White & McGivern provides the following photogrammetric services:

      • Aerial Photography
      • GPS Control Surveys
      • Digital Mapping
      • Digital Terrain Models
      • Digital Orthophotos

Aerial Photography is exposed with high resolution LEICA/WILD RC 20 and RC 30 aerial cameras with forward image motion compensation. The twin engine aircraft have GPS navigational capability. Exposure centers can also be positioned by survey grade airborne GPS on special projects.

Digital Mapping is captured in real time on state of the art ZEISS Digital analytical Stereo-instruments and Z/I Imaginf Softcopy Stereo workstations within a three shift environment in order to maintain fast track schedules. All mapping is captured with KORK map collection software and then edited on stand alone Pentium graphics edit stations. Editing is performed in KORK, translated into the digital software system of choice where final editing is accomplished.

Digital Terrain Models are created on the Zeiss analytical stereo-instruments by drawing terrain breaklines and reading model elevations. Contours, modeling and earthwork can be generated from the DTM. The DTM is also necessary in order to differentially rectify a digital orthophoto.

Digital Orthophotography provides to the GIS, planning and engineering community a cost effective and accurately scaled photomap land base upon which to construct a database or plan conceptual designs with speed and efficiency. A digital orthophoto is a computer differentially rectified and scaled orthographic image. Digital orthophoto production is accomplished through scanning an aerial photographic contact transparency at a predetermined DOTS per inch (DPI) which converts the image into pixels. The photo control and the stereo-photogrammetrically captured DTM are then digitally related to each pixel in a transformation which removes image displacement creating a scalable ortho-image.

LaFave, White & McGivern’s dedicated professional and technical staff can complete your project from conceptual design to a Quality Land Base within schedule and budget.

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