Different Types of Land SurveysWhile land surveying may sound like a self-explanatory profession, there are actually many different types of surveys that can be performed. The type of survey depends on several factors including the type of property that is being surveyed, the topography of the land, and what type of information the property owner is looking for. In addition to the various types of surveys, there are also several different types of technology that can be used in order to reveal various details about the area.

The most common type of land survey is a boundary survey. This survey is generally meant for private property owners and people who are interested in purchasing a piece of land. As the name implies, a boundary survey involves identifying the borders that make up the shape of the entire property.

On a related note, a land title survey is typically done when someone wants to purchase a piece of commercial land. When the buyer seeks a loan for the property, the title company will typically want detailed information about the type of property they are purchasing. During this type of survey, a surveyor will work to identify whether or not there are any sort of easements or encroachments on the land.

Unlike boundary and land title surveys, topographic surveys are generally done before the construction of a new building. These surveys will not only identify the boundaries of the property, but they will also analyze the topographic makeup of the area. This is done usually a variety of tools and techniques, including aerial photography.

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